Princess Snotty Nose

nose3.jpgOnce the princess was taking a walk in the garden. After a while she met the prince. And the prince said to her: “Pardon me, princess, but you have – ahem – a little bogey sticking to your nose!”

But the princess said: “So what? Let it stick there!” and walked away.

“Oh dear!” said the prince. “If the princess has a bogey sticking to her nose, I will not comb my hair anymore!”

After a while the prince met the king. “But my dear prince”, said the king, “why is your hair not combed?”

“Oh Mr. King sir”, said the prince, “I do not comb my hair, because the princess has a little bogey sticking to her nose!”

“Oh dear!” said the king. “If the princess has a bogey sticking to her nose, I will not wash anymore!”

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All by myself in the Slumpywoods

schlumperwald_11.gifYesterday I went to the Slumpywoods. My god that was shruggly! I still am all brizzerly! The wood was so slumpy and everything there was so sodderly and brumpy and me all alone right in the middle of it! Far away I heard the Gammerock froozing and the Zirrapop was frunching so maulderingly. And all the time little swinks cazoozled about me and made me all flumsy. I wandered on and on and the wood got slumpier and slumpier. Suddenly I saw a garrywonk standing right in front of me. But a right zumpy garrywonk it was, plunking at me with its gaugly stroogs!

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