Dreams in the Night


Once there were two children who had to take leave from each other, because one had to go this way and the other one that way. When they said goodbye they promised to dream of each other so they would not have to be so sad. And this they did, and in their dreams they were courageous and strong.

Once they climbed a high mountain together, and it took them many days. And they kept each other warm in the night and they helped each other get over the crevices and held each others hand when they had to pass by the terrifying abyss where death was lurking deep down .

Once they were together in a small boat, all alone in the vastness of the sea, and they took turns rowing and shared the last piece of bread and in the lonely nights they saw stars they had never seen before.

Once they were together just playing. And one child said to the other: “Look, I can fly!” Und it soared up and hovered right under the ceiling. This made the other child sad.

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When Victoria Stayed Home all by Herself



Everybody had gone out, just Victoria had stayed home all by herself.
“When they’re all gone the house is full of magic!” said Victoria.
She went to the bedroom of Mummy and Dad and looked under the blanket. A big brown bear looked at her.
“Oh dear!” said Victoria.
“Give me a present!” said Victoria.
So the bear left the room and brought back daddy’s hat. Victoria put it on. Then she tucked the bear in nice and warm. Continue reading

And we Travelled for a Thousand Years

We boarded our spaceship, Nina, Paulina and I.
The earth was a blue spark that went out in the dark, we were going so fast.
Our first planet was named “Dog’s nose”. And it belonged to us. We played “Who’s afraid of the bogeyman” for seventeen years and “Come and find a little brother!” for another three. And all this time we ate canned spaghetti.
We wrapped ourselves in pepper bush leaves and dreamed we grew beaks and feather coats. When the planet had fallen to pieces, we travelled on. Continue reading