Brave little Patty


In the afternoon Patricia got sick. After lunch she didn’t get up from her chair, she just sat there and stared at the tablecloth. Her whole body seemed to be hurting, arms and legs were heavy as lead and behind her eyes there was a very unpleasant pressure. She couldn’t be bothered to move, she felt paralysed.

“I have a headache!” she said to her mother.

“Yes, sure”, said mother, “it seems you don’t feel like making your homework, am I right?”

“No, really, everything is hurting, my shoulders, my knees, my fingertips. I feel terrible, I couldn’t even touch anything.”

Now her mother became apprehensive and took a closer look at Patty: “Let’s see, maybe you really don’t look too well after all. Let’s just take your temperature!”

And then Patty was sent to bed with a hot water bottle and the doctor was called. He said he would come as soon as possible.

“Do you need anything else?” mother asked.

“No”, Patty said weakly, “I think I won’t ever need anything anymore!”
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