The Dirty Prince

Once upon a time there was a prince. He lived at the royal palace with the king and queen. One day, when he was still very little and the queen was feeding him, the little prince wanted to do something to make her happy. So he took the royal spoon from her royal hand and showed her he could eat by himself.
dirtprince_2.jpgWhen the queen saw this, she said to the little prince: “Now look at yourself, see what you have done. How am I supposed to get you clean again?”
And she took the little prince, put his clothes in the washing machine and him in the bathtub, and there he sat in the royal bathtub being sad.

When he was bigger, the little prince again wanted to please the queen. He went down to the royal courtyard where there always was a puddle near the royal well, and he baked a wonderful cake from sand and mud. This he brought back to the queen. When the queen saw the beautiful cake, she said: “Eek, where do you think you are, take out that dirt immediately.”
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