is that guy
looking at me like that?
Is he afraid of me?

is that guy
afraid of me?
Does he think that I want to hurt him?

does he think
that I want to hurt him?
I never hurt anyone!

I never hurt anyone,
unless he wants to hurt me!

So if that guy thinks that I want to hurt him,
then only because he knows:
I hurt everybody
who hurts me.

So: he must want to hurt me!

So I guess I’ll go right over there and bash him in the mouth,
so that he can’t hurt me.


His fist was quicker than mine!
Now here I am on the ground.
But did’nt I tell you right away
that he wanted to hurt me?

Fear Again

We’re a peaceful country
and will never attack anyone.
someone attacked us.

Whoever doesn’t intend
to attack us,
needs have no fear of us whatsoever.

Whoever wants to try to
protect himself from us,
proves that he’s
afraid of us.

Whoever’s afraid of us,
thereby proves,
that he intends
to attack us.

So you see it’s clear
that we have to attack anyone
who prepares to defend himself.

(Translated by Kim Martin Metzger)

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