Dreams in the Night


Once there were two children who had to take leave from each other, because one had to go this way and the other one that way. When they said goodbye they promised to dream of each other so they would not have to be so sad. And this they did, and in their dreams they were courageous and strong.

Once they climbed a high mountain together, and it took them many days. And they kept each other warm in the night and they helped each other get over the crevices and held each others hand when they had to pass by the terrifying abyss where death was lurking deep down .

Once they were together in a small boat, all alone in the vastness of the sea, and they took turns rowing and shared the last piece of bread and in the lonely nights they saw stars they had never seen before.

Once they were together just playing. And one child said to the other: “Look, I can fly!” Und it soared up and hovered right under the ceiling. This made the other child sad.

“Don’t be sad!” said the child that could fly, “I will show you how, what else did you think?”


And it came down and said: “You just have to do this and this and this with your shoulders, and then you must will!”

And the other child did this and this and this with it’s shoulders and then it willed.

And they both floated in the air, this way and that, right under the ceiling. And suddenly there were other people there who looked amazed, and the children said to them: “But look, all you have to do is this and this and this with your shoulders and then you just have to will!”

But these people didn’t know what the children were talking about and kept shaking their heads and looking perplexed at children who floated under the ceiling.

Once one of the children dreamed about it’s grandfather. Grandfather was standing there and calling, but the child could not understand him. It was as if grandfather was stuck inside a tree, his body was the trunk and his arms were the branches. And grandfather shouted, but the child did not know what he meant and could not get near him. This caused the child great fear. At long last the other child came and said: “Your grandfather has died.” And it came back to the child, yes, grandfather has died, and it was already a long time ago and it did not hurt so much any more.

And so they were always together, and when one child was chased by werewolves and got saved by the other one, it would say: “Yes, but tomorrow I will save you, for that is how it has to be!”

And so it was.


One day one of the children traveled alone through a lonely desert. I walked and walked and it was all alone. At long last it saw a figure afar. Far away at the horizon the other child walked and approached, oh so slowly. They walked and walked, but it seemed they could not reach each other. When at last they met, weary and sad, one child said: “Where have you been? I was so lonely without you!”

And the other child said: “I found out something. That is why it was so hard to get to you. I have grown up!”


“Yes, I have grown up. All the time between our dreams I lived my life. I finished school, I learned a profession, I moved to my own house. It is a long time since I was a child.”

And suddenly it came back to the other child too. It too was not a child any more, it had a job, a house, was married and even had children. “Yes, we have grown up all this time, only we didn’t know while we were dreaming. And when we wake up, we will not remember this dream.”

So they stood and held each other’s hands and tried not to wake up.

But some time they would have to.

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