Lucky Benny

Benny is a lucky child. His mother always has time for him and looks after him.
“Good morning” she says in the morning, “time to get up, Benny! Do you want to wear the green trousers today or the blue ones? I put out the blue ones for you. You should wear the yellow shirt with them, it goes well with the blue. Don’t forget your braces! Yesterday your pants were hanging about your waist something terrible. You won’t forget to wash your ears, will you? Wait, I will help you. See, now the ears are nice and clean. Use the new toothbrush when you brush your teeth, the old one seems to be frayed already. I will butter your toast meanwhile, do you want jam or honey on it? Honey is better for your health, I will give you honey. You should hurry a little, your tea is getting cold. Wait, I will pour you a fresh cup. But don’t drink so fast, you will upset your stomach if you swallow such a lot of tea in such a short time. And watch your bread and honey, look, there is honey all over your hand. Wait, I’ll give you a napkin. So, now it’s gone. Or is it still sticky? Better go and wash your hands. You can finish your bread and honey afterwards. Don’t leave the soap lying in the water again. And don’t dawdle in the bath, come here and finish your brekfast, or you will be late for school. Did you pack your schoolbag, nothing forgotten? Wait. let me have a look. What lessons will you have today? I gave you cheese for your lunch and tomatoes. Do you want an apple with that or a banana? I will give you an apple, bananas give you constipation. And don’t eat everything after the first lesson, or you will be hungry later and cannot follow the lessons. It’s time for you, put on your shoes, in two minutes you have to be out of the house or you will miss the schoolbus. Don’t forget your cap. Why don’t you sit down when you tie your shoelaces? Anyway, it’s much easier to first put on your shoes and then your coat! Take a shawl, the radio said it will be chilly todey. Now it seems like it’s going to be a warm day, but you can never know. Now wehat do want in the house with your shoes on? Tell me what you forgot and I’ll get it for your. But if you don’t need it for lessons it’s too late now. You better run, all you need for your lessons is in your schoolbag, I checked. And come home immedeately after school, when you are late I’m always worried. How should I know you have not been run over by a car or something worse, I don’t want to even think about it. Have you got tissues? Wait, don’t leave the house without tissues, here you are. And now run. I will make something nice for dinner, do you want fish fingers or noodles? Ah, fish is better, because you are growing. So, run along and be careful. And what about the kiss for your mother? Now run! And look when you cross the street! And don’t run, walk! If you don’t stop to look at shopwindows you have sufficient time!”He is a nice boy, Benny is. Really. There is only this one thing about him: He just doen’t listen to what people say to him.

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