And we Travelled for a Thousand Years

We boarded our spaceship, Nina, Paulina and I.
The earth was a blue spark that went out in the dark, we were going so fast.
Our first planet was named “Dog’s nose”. And it belonged to us. We played “Who’s afraid of the bogeyman” for seventeen years and “Come and find a little brother!” for another three. And all this time we ate canned spaghetti.
We wrapped ourselves in pepper bush leaves and dreamed we grew beaks and feather coats. When the planet had fallen to pieces, we travelled on.
Our next planet was named “Cheesecake”.
We ate it up.
We flew and caught little star chicks in our hands and we fed them until they were grown up starchicken. They laid comet eggs that we hurled into space.
Our third planet was named “Cornflower” and it was blue. We became very shy. We didn’t dare to go near it and just blew it a kiss from a distance. But we couldn’t leave it and flew around it in circles until it had withered.
And we never, ever forgot it.
Then we came to the planet named “Monster”. It was bigger than big! But Paulina threw an apple at it and it burst into pieces! And we laughed, as we travelled on.
We rocked in our spaceship and made it bounce and spin so we could get dizzy. And we sang the song of the turtle tree.
Once we came into black loneliness. Everything there was sad. But Paulina said “upsy daisy”, and it became a planet. And Nina said “gooseberry”, and it became a planet too. And we said “hockey stick” and “platypus” and “probably” and “multipurpose” and “you don’t say” and “what the heck”, and they all became planets. Then we took a deep breath and said “Sun!” so there might be light.
And we travelled on.
On one of the planets we met the stocking people. They stuffed socks in their mouths to keep from laughing.
On another planet we met the ant people. They said: “Get busy, get busy, time is money!”
And on one of the planets it was terribly cold. So we turned into firebirds and danced around and around the planet until it had melted. Then we turned into fish and swam through and through the great watery ball and splashed and made bubbles until it was gone.
Then we flew on.
And we slept in our spaceship for a hundred years and we dreamed we were stones.
When we woke up, we had grown wings.
Once we came to the planet named “Cave”. On this planet the people could not see. We gave them our eyes so they should see.
Now we were blind.
But we said: “Sky”. And we could see the sky. Then we said: “Stars”. And we could see the stars. And we said: “Dandelion” and “Bootstrap” and “Ivory”. And everything that we said, we could see.
And we travelled on.
On the planet named “Cat’s tail” We played with the furry kids and they were our sweethearts. And we said to them: “Heart” and: “Kiss” and we said: “Forget-me-not”.
And we travelled on.
And we travelled on for a thousand years, and we went farther than far. Then we got tired and we said: “Home” and we were there.
And Nina put the spaceship in her pocket, and Paulina hid our wings, and then we opened the window and looked out at the stars, Nina, Paulina and I.

Cover Illustration by Simone Klages

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