Everything must make sense

Once upon a time I met an old man who was carrying a heavy knapsack and almost broke down under the heavy load. I approached him and politely asked him where he was going with the knapsack and if maybe I could help him. But he friendly thanked me and said: „I am not carrying it anywhere, I always carry it with me.“
„But for heaven’s sake, why are you burdening yourself with a heavy knapsack all the time? This doesn’t make sense!“
„Of course the knapsack makes sense my friend. How else should I carry my six heavy iron plates, twenty-four padlocks, twenty-four keys and six iron chains?“
„You have all this in your knapsack?“ I asked completely taken aback.
„Yes, my young friend, all this I am carrying in my knapsack and this is the meaning of the knapsack and that is why the knapsack makes sense because everything anyone does must make sense!“
„And the six heavy iron plates, they make sense too?“
„Yes my friend. These six heavy iron plates are of square or quadratic shape, and the meaning of this is they can be put together to form a cube. And on each side each of the square plates has two rings fastened to it, and the meaning of this is that the rings will exactly fit the rings fastened to the sides of the other plates.“
„And the padlocks? Do they make sense too?“
sinn3.jpg „Of course, my young friend. The meaning of the padlocks is that they can be inserted in the rings on the sides of the plates. When lock all the rings with padlocks, no one but me can open the iron cube. And that is the meaning of the padlocks and that is why the padlocks make sense because everything must make sense.“
„Ah – sure. And the chains? Do they make sense as well?“
„But definitely, my young friend. The chains allow me to tie the iron cube to a tree, a telephone pole or a traffic sign. And the meaning of this is that no one can carry away the iron cube and that is how the heavy iron chains make sense.“
„Yes, but what’s the use of all this?“ I cried completely baffled.
„Well, the meaning of this, my friend, is the following: I have to rest now and then, because I am not a young man any more, as you can see. And the meaning of this is, it gives me new strength to go on carrying my heavy knapsack. And when I take a rest, I assemble the iron cube and lock it with padlocks and chain it to a tree or a telephone pole or a traffic sign. And the meaning of this is that I can lock my knapsack into the iron cube. And the meaning of this is that nobody can steal my knapsack!“
„But why are you so afraid that someone could steal your knapsack?“
„The meaning of this should be clear!“ the old man exclaimed angrily. „If my knapsack was stolen, how should I carry my six heavy iron plates with the rings on the sides, my twenty-four padlocks and keys and six heavy iron chains? In my shirt pocket?“
Well, I had to accept his reasoning. The old man surely did nothing that didn’t make sense.

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