All by myself in the Slumpywoods

schlumperwald_11.gifYesterday I went to the Slumpywoods. My god that was shruggly! I still am all brizzerly! The wood was so slumpy and everything there was so sodderly and brumpy and me all alone right in the middle of it! Far away I heard the Gammerock froozing and the Zirrapop was frunching so maulderingly. And all the time little swinks cazoozled about me and made me all flumsy. I wandered on and on and the wood got slumpier and slumpier. Suddenly I saw a garrywonk standing right in front of me. But a right zumpy garrywonk it was, plunking at me with its gaugly stroogs!

„Well now I am boozled”, I thought to myself. „It will gurry me and then I’ll be moogered”. But it just plunkered bozely at me and mumpled away into the crombles.

Suddenly I came into a Crommach. All about me giant sturders and frimps, in which murks were whimsing. But then, in the distance, I saw a little stirrywink swaggling. „Thank god”, I thought, „at least I have found a stirrywink. But as I walked towards it, it got more and more hubbled, and I thought: „Why is it getting so hubbled?” In that very moment I flimped over a broozer and fotsed!

All about me everything turned mungle. The stroozes creezed, the momps oogled, the oompers bongered – and there she was: The Great Humza!
All over the Slumpywoods it was brizzling and neezing. Not a single swink dared to swaggle, not a strook was crumping, even the Gammerock had stopped froozing. And the Great Humza just froomed there all mozily, and only her molden lurrawinds fraured. All over the Slumpywoods not a frimp was nubbing. And then she rose and mauderly, mauderly whirrared away over the Slumpywoods.

Well one thing you can be sure of: I will never again go all by myself to the Slumpywoods.

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